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Brandspresso offers a one-stop kick-start.

A brand is far more than just a company logo on a door or business card. It’s communicating your business’ values and positioning at every touchpoint and interaction with customers and suppliers. We help our clients create and build strong brands that create and maintain your reputation and so reflect your customers’ experience of your organisation and becomes a valuable asset for any business.

With our innovative, fresh thinking, sound knowledge and global experience we then start the creative process that ultimately breathes life into your brand.

Why invest in a brand?
The reason why corporations, institutions, products and even countries become brand centric is grounded in being able to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Make a value proposition that is relevant to your target audiences and in so doing:
Give them a reason to subscribe to the brand

The right start

Because development agencies and financial corporations go to great lengths to assist and finance marginalized groups in South Africa, we believe we can add great value and extensive expertise to this process.

It is essential that every cent allocated to these groups are utilized more effectively. By offering our expertise and services, advice and guidance, we can ensure that each idea develops into an impactful and sustainable brand. This will generate more job opportunities and empower more South Africans to achieve their goals in whatever line of business they may find themselves in.

Our team specialises in design and branding that will help the entrepreneur to define, position and develop the new brand. As part of our service we offer client liaison and together with the creative, the client will be guided through the various steps which need to be taken in order to establish the brand in the market effectively. As part of the team we co-opt other skills to complete the picture. Communication, copywriting, marketing and photography as well as internet and social media are left to those with the knowledge. brandspresso as a whole will ensure all the correct target markets are reached with the necessary frequency. Together our associates have represented some of South Africa’s greatest and best-loved brands, which is why you can be assured of the best insight, assistance and service throughout each process.


Brandspresso come in three different strengths: single, double and grandé.
The basics of a brandspresso is:
Logo and brand development
Social media

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